Program for a Strong Body Muscle In 3 Months

Strong Body Muscle objective of this article is to prepare a strategy to achieve the maximum possible Strong Body Muscle growth in 3 months.

First let’s talk about the most important concepts

We get Strong Body Muscle Hypertrophy when the protein synthesis in the muscle overcomes the degradation.

We have in our muscles “dormant” cells that are activated after intense training to help our fibers recover from that stimulus, these cells, which are called satellite cells, fuse with our Muscle and Strength fibers and also provide them with the necessary resources for development and growth.

Strong Body Muscle

These satellite cells donate nuclei to the fibers, thus increasing their ability to create contractile proteins and also contain, as we have said, a multitude of resources to facilitate the repair of damaged tissue.

Time under tension: It is the time that the muscles involved in an exercise in tension will pass. We control it through cadence, which we will learn to handle later.

Volume: It is the total of repetitions that we will perform for a muscular chain, it is especially important when we talk about Muscle Hypertrophy.

Mechanical tension: It depends on the next point, we must find the optimal point of balance between mechanical tension and time under tension.

Muscle damage: Let’s say that the more Muscles and Strength damage, the greater the impact, the harder the recovery and the greater the growth.

Intensity: we measure it according to the maximum load that you can displace, it is also important in a training program but it goes to a second position if we talk about gaining muscle as fast as possible.

Metabolic stress and rest: Have you ever tried to perform 5 sets of Deep Squat resting 10 “? What prevents you from surrendering 100% with these breaks is accumulated fatigue, that is, metabolic waste that has not yet been reabsorbed into blood. This is what we look for when we train to get more Muscles and Strength. That our body is not able to recover completely before starting the next series.

Technical and muscular failure: You courageously place 80 kg in Press Banca, which is the weight that you can move for 10 repetitions, but you will look for the 15 repetitions, when you can not, you will alter your technique (Technical failure) but there will come a moment in the one that Pectoral and Brazos are not able to overcome the resistance by a lot of impetus that it puts (muscular failure).

ROM (Range of Motion): The greater the range of movement, the greater the number of fibers worked and therefore the more speed in our Strong Body Muscle and Strength Growth. This means, to touch the bar with the chest in Press Banca or to deepen to the maximum in a Squat. Things, either done well, or not done.

Cadence: Time in seconds that each phase of a repetition lasts, marking, for example, 31 × 0. Eccentric phase, point of mechanical disadvantage, concentric phase and mechanical point of advantage.


To get the Strong Body Muscle to grow as fast as possible, we have to find the balance between all these concepts, get to work with a load that allows you to reach maximum mechanical stress while working with it as long as possible (under tension).

You need a balance between intensity and volume, volume predominating, repetitions with a cadence of 3120, which will allow us to achieve a TimeBajo Tension of 60 “in a series of 10 repetitions.

Strong Body Muscle and Strength Training Program

It may not contain all the variety that I know you would like, but continually changing exercises and downplaying the basics by substituting them with less demanding exercises will not help us.

Muscle and Strength program can be boring but it works.

During the three months our training will consist of two phases:

Main (Muscle and Strength, global)
Squats / Deadweight
Press bench

Secondary (Max Hypertrophy, focal)

  • Hipthrust / variants
  • Flexions / variants
  • Military Press / Handstand Pushup
  • Rowing / Dominated
  1. We will do the Main phase choosing one exercise per batch and working at 5 Maximum Reps, 5 sets with 50 “rest between sets.
  2. If possible, the load used in the 3 exercises is increased month by month.
    We performed the Secondary Phase to 10 Maximum Reps, 3 sets with 50 “rest.
  3. The second month we will increase in 2 the repetitions of the Secondary phase, without changing load, cadence or ROM.
  4. The third month we will increase in 3 the repetitions of the Secondary phase (month 2) and as we did previously, without changing anything.

An example Strong Body Muscle and Strength

Main Phase (5 × 5):
Press bench
Dominated neutral grip

Secondary Phase (3 × 10,12,15):
Push-ups on two dumbbells
Standing military press
Rowing inverted in supination

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