All questions about the Exercise Strength Muscles Program

  • Strength Muscles – Lose weight;
  • Change of body forms;
  • Correction of problem areas – including the abdomen, feet, hip zone.
  • Problems related to the back, the year, the backbone and the seated service leads;
  • Increase in energy, removal of the feeling of permanent fatigue;
  • Improve psychological mood;

Strength Muscles

How do I solve these problems and Strength Muscles?

Strength Muscles: Often when a person starts to solve his problem on the first exercise, for example: “I want to be good and let me do the exercise of the press and reluctantly do other exercises.

This is a big mistake. It should be remembered that the Strength Muscles is one and the problematic muscles and places are linked to other adjacent muscles. How do you imagine a broken Strength Muscles, a fallen sidewall, hinged back muscles on the arm and at this time beautifully pressed? Is there an absurd image? Nevertheless, it is not just a belly press that can only be used by press standard exercises. You may be able to grow up, but the belly will still be lifted. Why? This theme does not serve to explain the physiology and if you advise me as your trainer, you will find many interesting things on the spot.

How do we get the result?

How to start with the first stage Strength Muscles,

The first month serves to bring the human Strength Muscles to tone. Imagine a fashion girl who sits at work in the computer and then goes home or with friends, sleeps at night, wakes up again, still in the car, still sitting. Very little time for energy and no energy. Such a regime has a very devastating effect on the body, letting go of the beautiful press and excess weight, health problems appear at a very early age. So, the first month is only a general tone that needs to be strengthened, your feet, hands, backs, heart, and then go to a serious job.

Another comparison is when we try to make only one part of the body. Imagine a bedroom full of repairs, you wake up when you wake up, first, you see the wall in front of you, nervous and spoil the character. You have a handyman and ask you to repair this wall and make it beautiful. Every morning you see a beautiful wall, but a person who sees your room will be equally valued for all the walls and only one beautiful wall will change anything. In case of three unconstructive walls, your room will be renovated as it was in four cases.

How are we going

Strength Muscles: So what is the problem zones? In the second stage, when the body is tone, the body forms have already changed, may be adjusted to the program and over time in the problem zones. You continue to practice the entire exercise, but you spend more time on press, foot, hands or part of the body that is more intense. It gives a much better result and you do not have a nice one, your whole body is in tonne and is in shape.

What program do I program and what are the exercises of the program?

The program is copyrighted and is a mixed program FitniMix, as it is used as best practices for fitness, pilates, yoga, tapes and other walks. The exercise consists of cardio, power, functional parts and a stretching complex. Cardio helps to increase muscle and stiffness, strengthening Strength Muscles and taking beautifully packaged forms. Functionality allows us to quickly switch between different loads. The exercise consists of basic and effective training of fitness, such as incisions, attacks, planks and more. These basic exercises are gradually complicated, and they are modified.

These modifications require more balance, more durability, more power, more flexibility. It all spends more calories, changes your body shape and certainly increases your self-esteem when you see how much you have and what amazing body you have, how to control it and manage as you want.

In addition to the fitness system, the complex consists of elements of Pilates and Yoga. I am a certified instructor in several directions, and my knowledge and experience give me the best opportunity to know what I know and my training is varied and effective for any demand and claim.

Training is underway not in monotonic aerobic mode (aerobics is already yesterday) but with interval load, which is the world trend nowadays and more information on what is an interval exercise, you can see here: Interval Training.

What equipment do I use

Minimalist. Strength Muscles This is – small free weight (hunters), diapers and tap platforms. This is quite enough for you to get the result that you dream about.

A frequent question is what are your exercises, weight, shape, health, flexibility and so on?

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